You can stand on the earth, breathe the air, and swim in the water. In a sense, you command these elements. But what is the one element that you believe that you cannot truly control?

It is that purifying flame that seems so impossible to control, but burns within you, nonetheless. Our ancestors used fire in their most sacred of rituals, as a transcendence to something higher and worthy. The fire still burns on altars or in places of importance for all to absorb the light — and be reminded of our ability to shine. However, we are still human. But walking in the way of fire can transform your path and change you in profound ways.

Tribes throughout history have acknowledged the power of fire to nourish and warm them, and to destroy, if necessary. But in that destruction is rebirth. From the coals comes a new beginning. That new beginning can be found in the forests, as old growth is burned and sunlight reaches the ground and nurturing those first shoots that themselves will become mighty trees. Despite the best and worst of human nature, fire is the way of change. Wars bring devastating fire, but from the ashes we rebuild stronger. Better.

Our kind has studied fire over a million years, and though it is the most unstable of the elements, we can harness its power. While an out-of-control blaze frightens all creatures, there are those who drew close to learn more of its properties. Those flaming branches are turned into cookfires, hearths for warming the cave, lights in the darkness. We then used fire to forge metal, something stronger than the elements it came from. Perhaps that is how our forebears felt after they took that first step into something new, something scary, something that could profoundly change your very core. To prepare for life’s stages, fire was often used in rituals. Some enlightened by the knowledge that impossible is not always so far-fetched, discovered that walking on burning coals proves that we are greater than ourselves.

We invite you to see that the unchangeable can be changed, that the fear that consumes can give way to a bold search for truth. Once you can walk on fire, all else becomes attainable as it burns away that which holds you back. Firewalking releases your potential – if I can do that, what else am I capable of doing? It lights your way, exposes the darkness. It changes your experience of reality – that which is dark is light, that which is painful helps us to grow. That which I could not do before, I can do now. Leave the superstitions behind and discover what is forged in you. Our ritual is for the believer and the skeptic.

Many fear the flames yet are curious as to what it does or how. Those who wish to draw near are welcome. Those who are conflicted are invited to join us. While the thought of placing your bare feet on fiery coals goes against logic, you will find that each step moves you forward and still you are untouched by what you thought would destroy you. Unfettered by those real or imaginary obstacles with each step, you realize there are no limits as to what you can transform in your life. It allows you to focus on what is important to you, and shows you how you can achieve it.

Hold your head triumphantly at that moment you decide to cross the coals. All surrounding you will feel the healing powers of the fire, and all are invited to take that first step. What will the path of fire hold for you? What will be burned away, what will be encouraged to shoot forth? Come out of your personal darkness, and let the embers light your path.