Ancestral & Past Life Clearing

Ancestral & Past Life Clearing &/or Regressions

In a Shamanic perspective we live in many dimensions simultaneously.  We are multidimensional beings. Energetic influences from ancestral influences via our DNA, and past life dimensional attachments can affect our consciousness and how we interact with our physical, emotional, and spiritual world in this time-space.

Ancestral karma can effect generations of families skipping members. Ancestors that a person never even knew existed can be affecting an individual or their whole family line. Modern western perspective recognizes that family issues such as abuse, incest, addiction, incest, illnesses, and other complexes can be found within ones generations of the past in their family lines and is often considered as being genetic.  Sometimes these issues can skip current parents or generations and pick back up with their child.  A shamanic perspective is that the souls of past generations past need shifted and healing so that they will no long affect the descendant living.

Shamans view the concept of past lives in a variety of ways. To a shaman reality exists outside of space and time so many question how can we have a past life? Irregardless a shaman would see us in this time space as multidimensional beings and therefore have multidimensional concurrent lives occurring in the now affecting one another. They often see that these varieties of time-space personalities are intertwined with us and live within us today as sub-personalities. These sub-personalities make themselves known through patterns and fears that are not easily changed no matter how many things have been tried. Via the setup of a past life regression timespace we can work in getting to the root of this sub-personalities or other lifetimes and shift the healing of these aspects of personal self and those affecting us in our lives.

Things that I have experienced past life regression and ancestral healing

Feeling unloved, Sexual Abuse, abandonment, depression, sorrow, lack of purpose, suicidal thoughts, guilt complexes, self-esteem, physical pain, psychic issues, anger, healing inner child.

Examples of things that can be healed with past life and ancestral healing

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