Harner Shamanic Counseling

Certified Harner Shamanic Counseling Sessions


Harner Shamanic Counseling is a spiritual method, a system of shamanic counseling that follows the ancient principles of shamanism, not of psychology or of other Western systems. As a method of spiritual counseling, HSC has at its goal life-enlightenment, not the treatment of psychopathology. It is a problem-solving system for discovering one’s own spiritual power and the wisdom to deal successfully with daily life.

HSC is a copyrighted system based upon classic shamanism with the addition of certain important innovations created by Michael Harner through years of his own practice of shamanic counseling. Concepts, practices, and goals used in Harner Shamanic Counseling include: non-ordinary reality; the shamanic journey and shamanic divination (both undertaken by the client); the realization of one’s own personal spiritual power; and the discovery of one’s ability to obtain extraordinary, very practical, spiritual wisdom and answers to important personal questions.

In essence, the client becomes a practitioner of divinatory shamanism, with the help and guidance (in ordinary reality) of the shamanic counselor. One of the features of HSC is that the real shamanic counselors are in non-ordinary reality. These are sacred Teachers that the clients spontaneously encounter in their shamanic journeys who provide the non-ordinary reality answers to the clients’ questions. The ordinary reality HSC counselors, in contrast, do not provide substantive answers or interpretations for the client, but are essentially experienced shamanic facilitators who provide encouragement and methodological shamanic advice based upon their own more extensive experience in shamanic journeying and shamanism.

HSC uses the electronic sonic-driving technique originated by Michael Harner to alter the state of consciousness of the client in order to go “outside of time” to utilize the ancient shamanic problem-solving methods. The client is trained in the unique Harner-invented simultaneous narration and recording method of shamanic journeying in order to amplify the quality of experience and to have an on-going recording of it. Through his/her experiences in the shamanic journey, the client has the opportunity to overcome inhibitory fears and to gain self-confidence while acquiring heart-felt wisdom. With this, the client commonly experiences a sense of personal empowerment and a new-found joy in existence.

Since HSC is a spiritual rather than a psychological system, it is not necessary for an HSC counselor to be a professional in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, or a related field. Indeed, sometimes it is confusing for an HSC counselor to be operating under the burden of another conceptual system that may unconsciously intrude into the shamanic one. What does seem to be essential is for the counselor to be well-trained and experienced in practical shamanism and to be an individual of sensitivity, intelligence, character, and compassion.

To preserve the integrity and standards of the Harner Shamanic Counseling system, and of its teaching, unauthorized use of the Harner name is prohibited by law. Permission to employ the Harner name in this context is limited to those who have successfully completed the week-long Harner Shamanic Counseling training. The Foundation also reserves the right to withdraw such use of the Harner name at its sole discretion at any time. Other individuals may, however, use the generic term, “shamanic counseling,” to describe their work