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Breathe in. Slowly. Hold it, then let it out at an even slower pace. Repeat. This simple exercise releases a minor euphoria. It calms, it relaxes, it fills you, then leaves you peacefully. You feel better, almost lightheaded, but certainly feeling an unexplained power from within. That energy exists, but you can’t quite understand where it comes from. Doctors today tell you this breathing technique is a way of relaxing and reflecting, almost dismissing it as a simple biological function, one of many that science has discovered and categorized. They probably quote something quite textbook, then simplify it for you in the lexicon of Western medicine. Let’s repeat the breathing. Surely you feel it, more pronounced than before, that sudden burst of energy that comes on when you need it. Let your entire body absorb that feeling following the pulse. You can’t explain it, but you are starting to tap into the electromagnetic field ancient practitioners discovered. Western medicine is clinical (pardon the pun), but it is based on principles of Eastern medicine.

One method that holds up through the ages is Medical Qi Gong, which has been relied on for centuries as a way of self-healing through the body’s own physical and psychic energies. Through Medical Qi Gong, you will learn and experience methods individually designed for your body to tap into an internal wellspring of energy. Modern science can never explain that combination of physical and psychic energy that surrounds you, whether you are cognizant of it at any particular moment. It does seem to manifest itself when your mind, body and or your very soul needs it. Once in a while a doctor will acknowledge that science shows that we have some form of electricity that powers us. However, doctors may not explain that techniques of harnessing and using your own body’s energy are older than the beginning of modern science, and even before Western scholars compiled medical information to heal people.

Your own body’s energy source is powerful, and even now you are feeling your body react to it. What is that reaction? It is your body, healing itself. While current medical practice often recommends pills, surgeries, therapy and other methods, Medical Qi Gong goes deeper. You will learn about this more as we discuss how it is different from nearly other medical school of thought. Of course, most of accepting Medical Qi Gong as a way to self-heal is dependent on you. Any doctor’s plan involves a lifestyle change. This is no different. You’ve heard them again and again, the usual adjustments to improve your health. Improve your diet. Exercise. So you add a salad here and there. Maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator. Step up your counselor’s office visits to work through mental hurdles in your life. You feel a surge of internal energy through these things, but it comes and goes. Medical Qi Gong has identified techniques to capture and manipulate that energy to improve the electromagnetic energy of the body.

At its optimal best, your electromagnetic energy maintains your health. Medical Qi Gong enhances it, repairing it from disruptions in the body’s electromagnetic energy fields. Disruptions? Oh, in a world of energy, you encounter all forms of energy and internalize, or chose behaviors that well, just aren’t that healthy. Technology has changed our lifestyle so that we are sedentary, exchanging walks for cars, trading manual labor for desks and computers. You can get food and goods from anywhere in the world, but you’re not moving much and your eating habits don’t help. These practices, over time, can affect your electromagnetic field. Each injury, physical or emotional, continues to chip away at your energy as you age. The goal of Qi Gong is to clear blockages and correct the imbalance of energy our culture has inadvertently created.

Through Qi Gong, your own energy can strengthen your body so that it can self-regulate more efficiently. What does this involve? Your nervous system, immune system, internal organs, and deepest thoughts. Through Qi Gong, your body can regulate your hormones, and also release the stress on your body and mind. This is where Qi Gong differs from Western medicine, as the mind is fully involved in the healing process. Our minds are sponges, and along with absorbing and adapting to the world around us, they also trap those thoughts that plague you through the years. The would’ve, should’ve, could’ve. A strained relationship. Turning to vices and pleasures to fill the emotional hole.

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