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Property Dowsing & Clearings – House Blessings – Crystal & Copper Gridding

Property Dowsing & Clearings | Shamanic Rainbow – Shamanic Wisdoms

Dowsing has been used by all cultures to elevate the vibration and to activate light energies in homes and communities. House dowsing and clearing is about creating a sacred space called a quickening field that will optimize our access to our higher self. When the shamans of old moved from place to place the first thing they would do before they settled is to clear the land of all disruptive spirits and geopathic influences. Today these methods are used to block geopathic stress, block unwanted electric currents and interference, block negative vortexes, and to raise the frequency and electric magnetic fields on the property.

Often when traumatic things happen in a space the residue of that trauma is left in that space. A family home can be affected by misguided energies and even entities. Arguments and violence can build-up negative energy within a space and can affect the current occupants. Perhaps the negative energy was present before you purchased or moved into the property. Sometimes when people die they need help crossing away from a certain house or space.

The work of clearing may also include clearing or making amends with ancestor spirits of the land that are in a state of unrest. Sometimes the property can be complicate by vortexes or the custodial of the land. A space or house often needs cleared from all energetic forms. Living in a dowsed smudged & gridded space supports greater connection with community relations, personal health, inner peace and an enlightened field for community and global integration.