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Ritual Blessings & Healings for individuals, objects, and House Blessings,  are done in many ways using the elements, weathers, and plants peoples. This kind of work is typically done by working with middle world grandfathers and grandmothers under direction of the higher self and higher divine dimensional helping or cosmic beings. All rituals include a combination of meditation and prana energy with middle world efficacy to assist in holding and transmuting the energy,  while in aligned communication with the higher self in order to synchronize intuitive body and energy work to identify, balance, and heal.

All of the work I do is with heart-centered alignment with the higher self for the purpose of healing. I do not engage in spell-work, but rather use the elements in ritual for being an open channel for spirits love and guidance, paying gratitude to all beings in order to open portals of divine light.

Rituals are a powerful way to connect to the universe and to celebrate events in a special way to please the creator of all thing (whatever that may mean to you). Getting married, having a baby, embarking on a new path in life, or buying a house, a ritual will set this new dream motion energetically towards positive completion. Shamans commonly journey to their compassionate spiritual helper in order to be given rituals or prayers for special events. Creation and execution of ceremonies will energetically empower and energetically mark important passages in your life.

Rituals are a means to welcome the creation into your life. A ritual can be a simple prayer said at a certain time of day or a complex ceremony to celebrate a special occasion. A ritual simply says, “ I honor you and please bless me and this time and that creation is in my heart.” A Rituals can be performed privately or in a group and can be applied to any occasion.

Shamanic rituals calls forth awareness of spirit and the interconnection of all things. A Shamanic practitioner may use the sound of a drum, meditation, singing, art and many other means to bless, heal, problem solve those who request ritual ceremony and healing.

A common opening of a Shamanic ritual calls in the cardinal directions
North, East, South, West, heavens and earth( each of which have specific energetic attributes) using drumming, song, or other means. There are endless ways to begin a ritual and create sacred space to perform a blessing or wish to come into fruition, depending on the religious and/or spiritual belief of the client.

Each ritual performed is completely done individual to the needs of the client and how I am told by spirit what is needed for each individual situation.