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Soul Retrievals & Mending

Soul Retrievals & Mending | Shamanic Rainbow – Shamanic Wisdoms

Burnout is nature’s way of telling you, you’ve been going through the motions your soul has departed; you’re a zombie, a member of the walking dead, a sleepwalker. False optimism is like administrating stimulants to an exhausted nervous system ~ Sam Keen

In shamanism it is understood that the soul is free to leave the body at will. Shamans change their state of consciousness in order to allow their soul to travel and retrieve healing wisdom’s. Pieces of the soul are commonly known to leave peoples bodies every-night when sleeping and dreaming. Pieces of the soul will also leave the body sometimes to protect itself from fearful situations and will become lost.  Shamanic-ally this phenomena is known as soul loss. In situations of trauma the soul piece may get stuck and not return to the body on its own, and a shaman must intervene and retrieve and return the soul to the clients essence.

There are many reasons for soul loss. If a person was in an abusive or watched abuse this may prompt a soul part to hide because the person is scared. If a traumatic accident is to occur the soul might leave the body so that it wouldn’t be affected by the trauma. Loss of a loved one may be another reason for soul loss. In some cases the soul part will return on its own, but if it doesn’t the shaman may be needed to assist the return of that missing part.

Another common reason for soul loss is when the soul piece is given away to a family member or to someone that is deeply loved. This type of soul exchange may seem acceptable because of a person’s desire to help and share themselves with another, but it is usually not regarded as a good idea shamanic-ally speaking. Overall an individual needs to be sovereign and empowered to be whole, and to give a soul piece away means you have dis-empowered yourself and created a co-dependent bonding with another sacrificing  ones own health and essence. Ideally that person should be working with their own life-force and empowering their own being with wholeness and health .

Another reason for soul loss is called soul stealing or borrowing. Soul stealing can be an innocent affair, as wanting to be a part of someone’s very positive energy. Soul stealing can also be a way to dominate another, like in cases of abuse. When one takes someone’s soul, they take some of that person’s power.

Overall, no one can take your soul without your consent. If someone has stolen your soul, you have in some sense agreed to allow them to have it. If you feel for some reason that someone is tugging at your soul, be strong enough to make the decision that they cannot have it.

Symptoms that would indicate soul loss to a shaman include: depression, a feeling of incompleteness, an inability to move forward on some issue, lost memories, feeling like you’re not in control your life, and a feeling like one is dead. There is often a feeling that there is something missing in life.

If the shaman suspects soul loss she or he would then journey to determine if a soul retrieval should be done and allow compassionate spirit helpers to tell him how and when to retrieve the soul piece back to the client. If the shaman is given a soul piece to return, they would bring it back to the client and return the soul piece into the client’s energy field. Usually this creates a shift in the psyche and attention of the client and a sense of well-being returning to a state of completion.

Some of the benefits that people have experienced from having soul retrievals are a stronger ability to make decisions in their life, a sense of being more focused, the ability to move pass an issue, the beginning of a new growth or healing process, and the ability to begin dealing with loss and letting go.