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Mira Luck is a Daoist Priest and finishing her Doctorates in Oriental Medicine – Medical Qi Gong – studied at the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong pioneered by Jerry Johnson. She is also a graduate of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, pioneered by Micheal Harner. She hold BA’s in art, computers, and music performance. She has training in Herbology in Western, Chinese, and Ayurveda Modalities.

Mira was born and raised in the Allegheny hills north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania by her music teachers parents. She has always had a strong connection with nature, spirituality, mediumship, music, and art. As a child, Mira was aware of a sacred interconnections between all things and was always highly sensitive to energies. This sensitivity has developed into a lifetime interest in healing, consciousness, spirituality, nature, and the arts. Mira holds an intuitive observation and love of the non-ordinary reality and ordinary universal balance in which we are all inter-connected to.

Mira’s desire is to assist people in reconnecting to their life’s purpose and full potential so that they may lead very fulfilling, joyful lives of wonderment. Her primary focus is the re-connection to being in balance between the stars and mother earth. Mira believes this is truly the most amazing work she has even done allowing the intelligent all-knowing compassionate universe come in to direct their life.

Mira is a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, Herbalist, Qi Gong, and has studied Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, Access Bars, The Reconnective Healing, DNA flame activator, Angel Therapist, Constellation Ancestral Healing, Quantum Touch, Chinese Massage, Past Life Regression, Firewalk Instructor, House and Land Clearings, Weather Shamanism, and Specializes in Sacred Ceremonial Work. She studied mediumship and psychic development with some of the top psychics at Cassadaga Spiritualists town and LillyDale Spiritualist Camp in New York. She has studied under Micheal Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Hank Wesselman, Dorreen Virture, Brian Weiss, Jerry Johnsons school, Barabara Brenner, Iktah Berry, Heather Ashe, Four Winds, and many many others.

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