Power Animal Retrievals

Power Animal Retrieval and Power Loss

Power loss, Soul loss and Extraction is what most shamanic approaches in healing focuses on. Ancestral Cultures believes in a world of anima, in that all things around us are conscious and alive. Often these older ways see us all as being born with spiritual helpers in the form of animal forms.  A Power animal is a spiritual archetype innate wisdom within that helps us through the gifts of their strengths and innate qualities.  These power animals may protect us, inspire us, and offer us healings. Older indigenous cultures believe that when we become disconnected from our power animals, we loose our personal power.  Receiving a power retrieval and enable us in terms of personal empowerment, confidence, and strength.  By receiving guidance from our innate animal self, we experience a connection to the world in a more grounded and centered fashion of personal control within the natural world. Instruction is often accompanied with this power retrieval so one may continue an honored relationship with their animal helpers.

Symptoms of power loss may include low energy, chronic illness, a lack of purpose and empowerment. One may feel depressed, or stuck in a pattern of chronic misfortune and chronic disease.