Shamanic Curse Unraveling

Heart Centered Shamanic Curse Unraveling

None but ourselves can free our minds ~ Bob Marley

Shamans have worked with healing the effects of sorcery and curses throughout all of time. Energy is not just material matter with measurable energy fields, but energy created that is constituted by words, feelings, and our thoughts. It is the energy of feelings, words, and thoughts that create the building of manifestation and dream creations.

Sorcery often affects us in the form of a curse. Sorcery is any harm directed to ourselves or others via the exploitation of power even with good intentions. Curses most often refer to the repetition of unhealthy patterns such as compulsive thinking, or a feeling of being under attack, injuries, illnesses, chronic accidents, or any other type of repeated bad luck. Often these patterns are rooted in past life events or are passed down through the ancestral family lineage.  Often the creator of the curse is completely unaware of its existence. Curses, spells, vows, declarations, contracts, promises, and thought forms are part of every culture that exists.  They are constructs of energies that have pervasive properties and can last for lifetimes.

Matrix’s of energy control everyone to some extent.  They are paradigms that have been created and put together via the powerful energy of feelings and words. They can be deconstructed and annulled.  Yes we can even unconsciously curse ourselves.

Shamans often work in healing sorcery and curses. Sorcery is harm directed to ourselves or others and the abuse of power. Curses often show up in behaviors of an individual such as compulsive thinking, a feeling of being attacked, chronic accidents and injuries, and things repeating as “bad luck”. Some of these patterns can be passed down through the family lineage or come from other lives.

An example of a common curse might be a parent or relative who unknowingly tells their child that they are unworthy of achieving their goals, or that they are overweight, or that they have something wrong with them. Most of the time curses are not intentionally cast, but the harm is still done.  Sometimes these curses are merely belief systems passed down through family lineage, and sometimes curses are more tricky and are intentionally bound and  cast.

To unravel the cure A shaman will typically track the root of the curse to find out where the curse originates. If the compassionate spirits tell the shaman it is ok to unravel the curse, the shaman will typically work carefully at unraveling and dispiriting the curse in the unconscious realm, through all of the people it has effected, so that the client may be energetically free of it for good.