Shamanic Journey Circles


Dreamwork and Journeying to the compassionate other worlds to meet up with your compassionate spirit helper. Divining within the medicine wheel. Experience Energy Healings and psyche shifts. Learning to shift frequencies. Learn to navigate the dream.

Please bring a rattle, blanket to sit on, an eye cover, a journal to write in and a pencil. Please bring some questions that are not yes or no questions. If you don’t have a drum and rattle and blankets I have extra of all of this no worries.

Please bring water, and any snacks to share or for self for grounding.

We will be creating sacred space together as a group and getting to know one another. We will do some work in creating containment areas and opening of the energy fields and vortecies and connect this with mind and heart. Please come prepared to rattle drum and maybe even move as much as your comfort and security level will allowed. The compassionate helping spirits are more responsive the
energy you put out .

This is for developing our connection to our compassionate spirit helper/teacher in order to develop a relationship of direct divination and a healthy symbiotic relationship with compassionate cocreation. We will be doing all kinds of things and it is different everytime. I do what my helpers tell me and what I feel in my heart is best for the group. Our work will be heavily done through the aid of the drum through sonic driving journeywork in order to explore shamanic healing methods that the shamans have used since the begging of time. This work is very powerful in term of developing psychic and mediumship skills , direction divination methods and reading of environment and nature. I will share many global shamanic healings modalities and cultural methods.

This is for you to find your own path, for sharing, for direction and connection to your higher self and own inner and outter wisdoms. There is no idealogy involved. But rather I like to present an open good feeling space, with a neutral altar so all can find their way and we can all come together and connect all cultures and ways in diplomatic relationship among one another. This is a place where we can begin to connect the new age with the old age and join all tribes and paths and religions and get to know one another with good relationships and good interaction.