Shamanic Heart Healings

All things come out of the one and the one out of all things. ~ Heraclitus

Shamanic Rainbow is committed to the sharing of ancient and modern-day shamanic healing methods. Discover yourself through energy consciousness healing. Shamanic Dreamwork, Herbology, Qi Gong ,  Reiki, Theta Access, Auratic Chakra Work, Meridian Healing, Space Quantum Access, Crystals, Oils, Land Healings, Nature Work, Meditatons, and Artistic/Dance/Musical Approaches are just a few of the methods we employ to channel growth according to your own individual calling.


The Shamanic Rainbow’s mission is to self-empower individuals to embrace their own inner wisdom, using methods that enable them to unravel their personal blocks to their awareness in true empowered self – the awareness of being a vital enlightened being of bliss.


Shamanic Rainbow follows no religious creed, but rather works as a mediator to connect their clients to their own higher empowered wisdom. When working with Shamanic Rainbow it is all about you, your belief systems, your ancestry, your power, and your world. This allows healing and growth void of judgement according to your own individual needs, and your own individual path. 

What is a Shaman? Shamans are healers who enable/assist healing of psyche, body, and energy. Shamanic Healer “see” with their hearts. A shaman works in partnership with a team of compassionate helping archetypes (animals, teachers, weather, angels, ascended masters, mother earth, and more…) to arbitrate on behalf of their community. Shamans do not use their own life force to do this work, but they draw from compassionate universal light of non judgement to share wisdom and meditate solution finding.


Through shamanic approaches, one is reconnected to their original true self and source of personal power. Shamanic Healing promotes balance within, as a person recovers their true source of heart knowing. What we may call “dis-ease”, Shamans perceive as being “de-spirited”.


One way a Shamanic Practitioner may work, is they may travel within non-ordinary realms of dreams. When a Shamanic Healer works within dreamtime, they travel to realms of unconscious compassion in an altered state of consciousness. At this place, they meet their compassionate psyche team, and the compassionate spiritual psyche connected with the person on whose behalf the Shamanic Healer is seeking. Shamanic Healers are only a vessel in which to communicate between these realms and the mind/body/spirit of the client.



Shamanic Circle Healing

The only question is: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then it is a good path. If it doesn’t, then the path is of no use. ~ Carlos Castaneda ~

Shamans throughout time have found that there are 2 basic causes of illness.


The first cause of illness is that there is a presence or something in the body’s energy field/psyche that does NOT belong. For this occurrence a technique called Shamanic Extraction is used to remove this presence. Shamanic Extraction involves pulling something called intrusions out of the person’s energy field with the assistance of the compassionate spirit helpers. This energy is then sent to a place where it can be filtered for more positive means. Once the intrusion is no longer present, the Shamanic healer fills the empty space with power.


The second cause of illness is that there is something in the person original true nature of the body’s energy field that is missing. This is called “Soul or Power Loss” and it means that a person is missing a vital piece of their empowered life force. To heal,  we need to be authenticated and “filled” with our original power in order to be healthy. They do this via Soul/Power Retrievals or Soul Mending.


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